My Miniature Roots

So I decided to bite the bullet and finally start the small container succulent gardening business I’ve been thinking about for the past several years.  Succulents are perhaps the cutest plants on the planet, and I find they make me smile whenever I catch a glimpse of their fat, little leaves.

I have been stuffing succulents into small pots for most of my life, including collecting cacti as a young girl, but it has been in the past ten years that I really discovered pleasure in creating miniature “gardens.”  I love to upcycle old glass jars or vintage containers that have character and repurpose them as succulent treasure troves.

My goal with starting SooSucculent! is to do something that I love while helping to bring more beauty into the world.  Buying only secondhand containers at local charities or from local individuals helps reduce waste while supporting the local economy.  And it gives vintage containers a second chance at life.  What could be more beautiful?

Please follow my blog, and consider purchasing a succulent, once I have my Etsy shop up and running.  I welcome questions and suggestions for blog posts, as well.  Meanwhile, enjoy this picture of the first mini-succulent garden I ever created:

Miniature Succulent Garden

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